Our story:

Although it seems far away we must mention in our history, that the beginning was actually made by Mavridis Nikolaos around 1945, as it operated a cart factory making entirely carts of the time, serving since then the needs of transportation and trade of the wider area. We still keep the anvil and other tools.

As motorization was already entering the market, the next step was taken by Mavridis Symeon who, following his father, turned the company into a spare parts and motorcycle shop in 1978, developing it greatly, expanding the network at the same time with imports from Japan, etc.

Our story continues:

Passing the company in the 3rd generation legally from 2010 while essentially from long ago, we deal exclusively with a unique object: motorcycle spare parts.

We aim at wholesale and have a close network of multi-year partnerships with workshops of all sizes and stores, throughout Greece.

Ingredients of our success are the consistency in the agreed and the quality in the service. In order to achieve these, a very good team of about 12 people works in the background, which provides the best proposals on a daily basis, to the needs of the customers. We are housed in a privately owned space 20km from the center of Thessaloniki, in the area of ​​Lagada

Our ally is technology and information technology. We maintain a database of spare parts applications with many years of data, for many motorcycles, motorbikes and scooters even from the Chinese market, so that we can immediately offer the right after market spare parts by phone. Our financial strength allows us to maintain large stockpiles and provide credit where needed , with equity and zero borrowing. All of the above operate based on modern state-of-the-art ERP systems, offering a unique customer experience, with the result that the current volume of orders is sent by 95% on the same day.

We were the first in the online era starting 20 years ago our first site which was the first in Greece in the field of spare parts that had appeared, already providing our customers with B2B functionalities. Having great know-how in these systems now our B2B / B2C portal is now in the 5th version which is better than ever, achieving a holistic relationship with the trader electronically, giving him the opportunity through his profile to access the tab 24/7 , his orders, open balances, requests, etc. speeding up procedures that used to be done by physically visiting our store.

We import exclusively for all of Greece brands such as: RACING BOY, UMA RACING, CARDINALS RACING, YYPANG, KOCT, SPYDER, GL, LEO, CARPASSION and others.

We import (not exclusively) brands such as FEDERAL, ASPIRA, NGK, BANDO, SYS, OSRAM, VICMA, TECHNIUM, NGK, STRONG, ADIGE, OOH and others, as well as common spare parts from Taiwan.

We trade spare parts, at wholesale level such as CASTROL lubricants, METZELER tires, etc.

Genuine spare parts. Our portfolio is completed by another very important part of the original copies. In the past years we have managed to achieve collaborations with the most important companies, ieHONDA, YAMAHA, SYM, DAYTONA, so we cover this part with responsibility and speed. Giving us the chassis number from any of the above brands we answer on the spot for prices and availability of either our own stock, or the stock of Greece, or the stock of Europe. So you know immediately if we will ship the same day, either in 2 days, or in 10 if there is an air order.

Therefore, with the above collaborations, passion and experience, we are one of the few companies in Greece that provide such a range of solutions, which enjoys mutual respect of a similar level of business, and that is why it is no coincidence that the timeless preference of our customers ranks us objectively in the list of TOP moto spare parts suppliers in Greece.

Katsimidou 10
57200 Lagkadas, Thessaloniki

PHONE NUMBER : 2394 0 23669

PHONE NUMBER 2: 2310 500991

FΑΧ : 2394 0 20846

VAT Number : EL075493515

Email : info@mototrade.gr

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